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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Counselling?

As a counsellor I provide a formal and professional relationship within which you can constructively explore difficult, sometimes painful, experiences or emotions. These could best online dating sites include almost anything that causes you to have feelings of anxiety, maybe your relationship isn’t going well, or you are depressed, experienced a trauma, or perhaps you have the lost the meaning to your life. It is a process, which focuses on helping you increase your capacity for choice and quality of life, leading to you enjoying life more.

Need a Relationship MOT?

Have you thought of a relationship MOT for your partner and you? This could help you to understand the way you work together, consolidating what works well and learn ways of getting on better.

What do I do now?

If you’re still uncertain about things and are wondering if counselling could be right for you, you are welcome to give me a call. I would be very happy to talk with you and establish what would help you best.

How do I know if counselling is right for me?

I offer an initial consultation, where we can discuss what counselling in appropriate for your needs.

How often and where?

Usually counselling sessions are at the same time each week. Sessions last 50 minutes and take place in a comfortable private consulting room at 1 Shenfield Place, Shenfield, Brentwood.

How many sessions will it take?

This depends on you, the work we do, and the problem. Deep-rooted problems may require weekly sessions for many months, while some other problems can be addressed much more quickly.


The counselling room is on the ground floor and there are only two steps, though there is no wheelchair ramp. You can park next to the entrance door.

How do I make an appointment?

Call the telephone number below. Note: – You will sometimes get my answer-phone. Please don’t be put off by this. I use it so that sessions with clients are not interrupted. Please leave your name and phone number and I will call you back. Confidentiality and discretion are assured.

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